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Thread: Serena, QS with RA2?

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    You can not order Triathlon from Serena website. You can order Sivoia and Triathlon shades only through a dealer.

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    veeeh - Do you know the process by which a dealer orders? For example, could I copy over my list from Serena and then say "please update to triathlon"? Also do you know the details about what makes Serena and Triathlon different? Is it the same hardware but some firmware or configuration different that allows it to become a system shade? Or is the hardware different?

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    Yes, if you have measurements already, it will sure be easier to create a quote for you. Once quote is ready, reviewed, and you sign off on it, it can be submitted to Lutron for manufacturing. Physically Serena and Triathlon are similar, most notable difference is in electronics/firmware.

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