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Thread: RadioRA2 Select Telnet Error

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    RadioRA2 Select Telnet Error

    Hi,I have a RadioRA2 Select Repeater (RR-SEL-REP2) and I can telnet into the repeater using Putty. However, after I login, and try to run any commands at the GNET prompt. I always end up getting a ~ERROR,Enum=(6, 0x00000006). I can add lights, create/delete scenes via the mobile app on iPhone but just can't seem to execute anything via the telnet prompt. I have tried removing power and plugging it back in but still no luck. Last I want to do is factory reset and have to reset things if it's not neccessary. Any ideas on how I can resolve this telnet issue?Thanks!

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    Thank you for your post kevkev.

    Ra2Select does not have an open integration like our RadioRa2 and HomeWorks QS families of Residential offerings. Ra2Select is only able to integrate with the following integrator here at Hope this helps!

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