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Thread: Update Main Repeater Fails

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    Tried all the advice, still not working

    • Brand new main repeater, fresh out the box
    • I disabled firewall and antivirus (win 10)
    • Directly connected main repeater to laptop (straight Ethernet cable to a Surface)-Laptop is on a static ip
    • Did a find repeater in the software successfully, it's setup for a static IP as well (I can ping the repeater from the laptop)
    • I do o a firmware update, it sticks at 19% and says it can't update
    • All lights on main repeater are off

    What am I missing here? What else can I try? Thanks,HW

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    For the next person: I called tech support and the solution above and beyond the before mentioned steps was to put the repeater in 'boot mode.' Once that was done, firmware could be updated.

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    @HWIRE ... how did you you put it in boot mode?

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    I, too, have dealt with the 19% error. According to Lutron, any software update error under 20% is related to networking/firewall.After dealing with the software update failure at 19% for way too long, I can confirm that placing the main repeater in boot mode will bypass the error.To Place in Boot Mode:Step 1: Unplug the receiverStep 2: Hold down the TEST and ADD buttonsStep 3: Plug in the receiver while continuing to hold down the buttonsStep 4: Wait until the five lights (M, 1, 2, 3, 4) blink about twenty times and turn off briefly (they will continue to blink) then let go of TEST and ADDStep 5: Proceed with activation or the software update

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    @MisterC That did the trick. Thank you. Turned IGMP off while an upgrade was stalling, and it just zipped past that point

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlippyCheese View Post
    @MisterC - your advice about IGMP is excellent. I was working in a home with a pretty complex Unifi setup and was able to get past the 13% mark after temporarily turning off IGMP for the LAN network.
    Same. Amazing, just turning off IGMP snooping fixed it - even with update stuck for 5 minutes, as soon as I turned it off the update proceeded without error. Lutron tech might want to take note since this is an easier solution versus hard wire to box.

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