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Thread: Triathlon Honeycomb LED Blinking Red

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    Triathlon Honeycomb LED Blinking Red


    I've had 8 Honeycomb shades controlled by my Radio RA2 system for about 2 months now, without any issues really. Today one just decided to stop working and the LED just flashes red constantly, about 1.5 flashes per second non-stop. I tried to factory reset and replaced all 6 D-cells with new batteries. Nothing works to fix this. Also tried re-activating through Essentials software, but the Main Repeater can't even find the shade anymore.

    I've looked through the troubleshooting LED blink codes, and there is no code listed for the constant red blinking.

    Is the shade defective? Anyone else see this before?


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    So I ended up calling tech. support, and they determined that the shade is defective. I was given a case code #, but was told I couldn't initiate the replacement myself, and that I have to go through the dealer that I purchased these from. Now my dealer is great to work with, but they are not local to me, so makes it a little inconvenient. I would have thought that I could work this out directly with Lutron. What happens if I run into issues in 4 years (or 9 years), do I still have to go through the dealer to work through warranty issues? I installed these myself, and completed BLAST training several years ago, so I am qualified to use the software, etc.


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    By going through a trained dealer this ensures that the shade system is getting serviced correctly. Our current policy requires that shades purchase through a dealer must also be replaced through the dealer network. It seems who you worked with before was comfortable enough to order you the shades and have you install them. See if you can arrange to have the original dealer contact us with the case number and have the replacement shade shipped to your home. He will also need the order number and line number of the shade in question.

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    Thanks, my dealer took care of me. The replacement shade is already in process.

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