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Thread: MACL-153M flashing kitchen LED lights

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    MACL-153M flashing kitchen LED lights

    I have a single MACL-153M dimmer switch control the 4 can LED lights in my kitchen. In the past couple of weeks, they have failed to turn on the lights when I press the TAP button. Instead, the kitchen lights will pulse once per second and I struggle to turn the lights off. They worked at some point before and now not at all.I've tried the reset to factory defaults (pull out FASS to off position while holding TAP) but no success at resetting. I've also tried setting the low end with no success either.Please any suggestion or help would be appreciated.

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    The dimmer is polarity sensitive. Make sure you have power-in connected to the black terminal. Make sure there is nothing connected to the blue terminal.

    The reset takes some finesse. Make sure you hold the button until you get the feedback (15+ seconds).
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