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Thread: Can I use Caseta with existing photosensor exterior lights?

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    Can I use Caseta with existing photosensor exterior lights?

    I am looking for a solution for my outdoors (back deck) that will allow me to use dimmable LEDs along with a dawn-to-dusk feature. My existing exterior light fixtures have photosensors for the dawn-to-dusk feature so they automatically come on and off, but are not dimmable. I want the dawn-to-dusk feature with full brightness the majority of the time for security reasons, but I'd also like to be able to dim them when entertaining on the back deck during the evenings. Can I use Caseta with these existing photosensor fixtures, or do I need to replace them with exterior lights that don't have the photosensor?

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    The photocell is in line (electrically) between the dimmer and the light. The dimmer will not work properly unless it has direct access to the load. You might get around this by using a neutral based dimmer. It might work 9 out of 10 times. Number 10 will be when your mother-in-law is there.

    Photocells, like most electronics, don't like to be dimmed. It will do erratic things like turning the lights off at the wrong time.

    You may be able to bypass or disconnect the photocell in the existing fixture.
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    Thanks! I'll probably just replace the exterior fixtures.

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