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Thread: RRD-6NA three LEDs

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    RRD-6NA three LEDs

    I have two Coooper Iris P3NMR can lights (toroidal transformers, from what I've read) that have worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks with the 6NA dimmer that I have forced to forward phase. Now on two consecutive days I've had to pull the FASS to get them working again.

    Bulbs are Philips 461509 LEDs.

    Would I have better luck with a different dimmer or will I encounter minimum load problems?

    Thank you.

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    The Iris P3NMR was designed for a 50w MR16 Halogen. Are you using an LED bulb? The toroidal transfomer is forward phase, so forcing the 6NA should be adequate, but something else is causing the fault. 3 LEDs of death is an over-watt/over-voltage/over-amperage code. Try replacing with the 6ND or the 10ND. I would try and stay awat from the new RRD-PRO for the time being, but that would be my last choice.
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