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Thread: NO!!! Not the MR16 question again

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    NO!!! Not the MR16 question again

    Short List
    86 Contrast Magnetic MR16 cans. Dated 2005. Trans are Contrast EC50M 50VA.
    New Ra2 with all 6ND.
    New MR16 all Green Creative.
    Bulbs have slight buzz.

    Long story
    Condo is one level, 2000ish SQFt. 60 dimmer and switches. 4-5-6 gangs everywhere.
    Dimmers where Pre LED toggle dimmers. No brand name. PAINTED TO MATCH GOLD WALLS!!!
    Original bulbs when I took over where mix of Fiet, Satco, TCP. Placed buzzed like a bee farm.
    Changed to Ra2. 6ND and Hybrid and standard Keypads. Stayed away from Hyb as mush as possible.
    I understand the troubles with controlling MR16. Was and is my biggest concern. If need I may be able to convince to retro to 120volt MR16. MAYBE.
    Have also tried the Pro in forward and reverse. Neutral. No neutral. Both ways actually made it worse.
    Problem. Still have a slight buzz. Most can't be heard with ambient noise of Refridge & life. But in the bed and bath when quiet it bugs me.
    Note. Not my house. Client is currently stuck in Washington state so all done through electronic communication. I may leave as is until they move in and see if it bothers them.
    I also had a few transformers humming. Chalking up to age and improper original dimmers. Fixed that by limiting high end to 78% and programming to 78%.
    Only one load is 10. All other no more than 6. Most ceilings are 9FT. Higher areas not as much of a problem.

    Retro to no trans?
    Different bulb?
    Turn up the TV?

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    PS. If I could tell you how I did it I would but formatting is working for me now. Attachment still no good.

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    MLV transformers from that era are never going to work properly with LEDs. The next thing you will see is random pop off/on. I kind of like but clients give me that "are you a serial killer" look when I say that.

    If you decide to go with line voltage LEDs keep in mind the GU10 MR16 is quite a bit taller and may not fit in some fixtures. They also have a different base so you will have to change the lamp holder too. There are not as many beam spread options with GU10. Since you can only get 1 hand in the fixture it is at least 30 minutes per fixture to convert.

    Easiest solution is to go with a Halogen MR16. I would go with one of the name brands - GE, Philips, Osram/Sylvania. More money, better bulb.
    LED, Incorporated
    Raleigh, NC 27614

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