Thought so. So, I opened ver. 12.0.1 and uploaded my last save. I got this message when trying to Transfer: Firmware Update Summary, Current OS version: 12.6.0 and a checkmark in the update box (which checkmark, I could ot remove.)Continuing, I got this error msg.: "RRa2 could not update the main repeater. Please power cycle the main repeater, and try again."Are they suggesting that I just turn the power off to the main repeater for a few minutes, turn it back on and try again? I hope there is a way to get back to using 12.0.1 and Control Home+ without having to go through a bunch of hassle. When I asked what the downside of using 12.6 might be, this is what I was concerned about. Did not realize I would no longer be able to use the android app.Randy, I really appreciate your help and would be really lost without your support. Thanks for being there and for your patience. --Richard