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Thread: Second main repeater install

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    Second main repeater install

    I am about to install (with Inclusive 8.2) a second main repeater to my Radio Ra2 system as I am close to the capacity.
    Is there a "step-by-step" guide somewhere that explains the process? I believe it is pretty straight forward with the exception of assigning devices to each repeater to share the load. All help and guidance welcome. Thanks

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    The process is simple, add the second main into the software. The two mains will both need to be on the network. The system works best when the loads are roughly equal between the two- i.e. 60-45-ish versus 90-15. If you need to move some devices to the second main, you can drag the rooms or devices onto the second main within the software. This should auto-default in the file for the repeaters, but you'll need to factory default any device previously activated on the first main. Then run the activation and do your transfer. Should be good to go.
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    I don't know if the software is ok now but fair warning, I went through hell with using 2 main repeaters around 4 years ago. i had close to 180 devices (nobody consulted me, the programmer before the job) with many switches hidden in closets and such and it would take an hour to upload the programming and if something would go wrong (lightbulb burnt out one time or the wifi cutting off), it would sometimes take 2 hours to upload the programming and clear errors. Even though I had plenty of repeaters within distance, one time somehow part of the system became orphaned and I had to manually factory default everything and re-activate everything...Hopefully they've worked the bugs out now and failed uploads can be fixed but I lost complete confidence in using two main processors then and only offer QS to customers with that many loads.

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    The newer versions of the software can handle that size system no problem. The early bugs with twin mains are a thing of the past, but if there's a way to screw it up or break it- I can find it. I haven't had any of those early bugs in quite some time.
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    That is good to hear! The worst day on the job for me was that the entire house was locked down and I was sweating bullets as they are trying to go to sit down for dinner. There were so many remotely installed dimmers in that house (again not my fault) that I had to ask them to use table lamps and shut off the breakers for the dimmers until morning. Fortunately, they haven't had any issues since then... Crossing fingers

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    One thing that caught me out was that each aux repeater broadcasts (for the 30' range) only to the devices programmed to the main repeater this aux is activated to. In our case, I had main rep#1 under the front stairs hardwired to the aux repeater in the garage. Main repeater #2 was under the back stairs. I programmed a lighting load under main repeater #2 when the dimmer was actually in the garage. I assumed that it worked as one big system and that the aux (remember, activated on main rep #1) would be within 30' so I was fine. Nope. It was too far away from its repeater, main#2. After having this dimmer continually drop off, I finally realized what happened and moved this dimmer onto main rep#1. Worked perfectly after that.

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