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Thread: Compatible E11 LED Bulb

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    Compatible E11 LED Bulb

    Hello, I am trying to find a compatible E11 LED bulb. I have a light fixture that has 3 spots for Bulbs 2 are LED and 1 is Halogen (It's working now but only because of the halogen bulb.) I have the PD-6WCL

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    Smart Bulbs for E11 Fixture

    Hello,I just moved in to a new apartment and the pendant lights over my kitchen counter use E11 bulbs. I wouldn't mind having them not be smart bulbs, but they're on the same circuit/switch as the rest of the kitchen lights, which I would like to automate.Does anyone know of any small connected bulbs that will fit in and E11 socket?Thanks!

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    Hello! Lutron does test different screw-in bulbs including candlebra bulbs that use an E11 base. For LEDs that have been found compatible with our controls please use the LED Product Selection Tool @ also have a dimmer that can work with Philips Hue Smart bulbs, the Aurora "always ready dimmer". We would recommend to reach out to Philips to see if they have any E11 based smart bulbs.We hope this helps! If you need further assistance our tech support can be reached at (1-888-588-7661) as well as via email as

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    Finding a proper bulb model is always a problem for me. I also needed the E11 LED compatible bulb model. I was looking at different online platforms and ordered some bulbs, but they did not work for me(even in the description, they were compatible with E11 LED bulbs). Hopefully, my friend suggested I visit the vont site, they are making different lighting-related products, and it worked. I bought from them very good bulbs that are still working perfectly. Besides bulbs, I ordered a couple of flashlights because I often need light at night for work purposes.

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