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Thread: Hybrid repeater wiring (Not Daisy Chain?) - HQS -

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    Hybrid repeater wiring (Not Daisy Chain?) - HQS -

    I'm adding several RF devices in an accessory building on the grounds of a multiple processor HWQS project. There are two links dedicated to HQR-REP-120's and both have at least one free address. The "out building" is about 220' away, and we have a wire through conduit to this building. Unfortunately, I would have to "T-Tap" as there is no return wire to make the connection a daisy chain. My question is: What happens if they aren't wired in daisy chain? This design would have it go from the processor to a nearby HQR (#1), then it would essentially have #2 and the new one #3 in parallel. I have the option of powering #3 with the transformer or from the wire... power shouldn't be the issue but, #2 is in a location that requires that it be powered from the processor's link. Thanks... and feel free to txt if easier: 614.940.8097Matt JonesScene-Scape LLCColumbus, OH.

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    Thank you for your post cmjones70.

    We would recommend following the spec sheet and install guide of using daisy chain wiring. Unfortunately we would not be able to recommend any other wiring configuration.

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