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Thread: Ra2 Select fixtures

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    Ra2 Select fixtures

    Anybody have experience with any of the following for their Ra2 Select system using the RRD-PRO dimmer:Sylvania Ultra LED RT 5/6 1200 lumens, Item number 79751Sylvania Slim LED 61405Sylvania Renaissance LED Par 30 item number 79574Thank you

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    Thank you for your post bluemtn.

    At this time Lutron has not tested either LED with our controls.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs and the performance will vary with different dimming controls. At this time, we have not tested these bulbs, so we would not be able to guarantee a dimming solution for them. We would suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if there is a dimming solution that they can recommend.

    You can also choose a bulb that appears on our LED Product Selection Tool at , where we provide report cards for the LEDs that we have tested and the approved dimming solution.

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