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Thread: Cannot remove home in Connect App

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    Cannot remove home in Connect App

    I originally let the Connect App use the default home name of "My Home". After that I set things up under a different home name. Now I have two homes; the one I want and "My Home", and this is confusing my customer. When I try to remove "My Home" from the account I get the message "Your lutron connect bridge was not found. you must be on your home wi-fi to remove your home." There is no connect bridge for that home, so how can I force the removal of the home from the account?

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    TahoeFred, There are 2 options:1. ​​If you installed the Bridge in another project, the new residents simply need to create an account and associate the app and Bridge to force the previous account out.2. If the Bridge is entirely lost, or can't be reached, we have to involve our engineering team to have the app and Bridge dissociated in the app server. Proof of ownership is required for our engineers to dissociate apps and Bridges: ​​- The request for account dissociation must come from the email address linked to the bridge. - The dealer cannot make the request on behalf of the homeowner. - The request must specify the MAC address of the Bridge to be removed OR the MAC of the Bridge they would like to keep on the account. ​

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