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Thread: Best Practice for Vacation HVAC set back

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    Best Practice for Vacation HVAC set back

    I am trying to figure out the most eloquent way to set a setback so on the occasion of a trip out of town I can press an actual keypad button on the way out the door, or press a iPhone app button from the car to set all the thermostats in the house to 58 degrees heat, 80 degrees cooling. I have been experimenting with timeclock events. I created one that is "away" mode, and sets all the thermostats to the mentioned temps. 7 days a week starting at midnight. So if I set my iPhone app timeclock events to "away", does that mean that the next time midnight rolls around the thermostats will all set to my desired settings and stay there until I put the timeclock back to "normal"? I haven't programmed it yet to the actual free button I have on a little used keypad. Here I think I understand that the button will toggle the "Normal" and "Away"? This is all I expect to need away for. I also have some timeclock events for outside lighting that is both desired and as a Lived in look security mode. These are currently "Normal" events. I adjusted those to also occur on schedule in the "away" mode as well. I suppose I could create a timeclock type called "Vacation", but like I mention I have no other need for "away".This seem like the best way?

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    Is this for the Lutron thermostat? The green one or the blue one?
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    Hmm. Neither? Using the HVAC controller with one wired sensor, one of the wireless pucks and then the box mounted pad (LRD-WST, I think) with the set point and emergency bypass, etc.
    not a typical thermostat.
    This for three zones.

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    I would use vacation mode. When you program a button change it to timeclock mode. Then click "show HVAC..."

    There are different min/max temps for the HVAC controller and the Tstats.
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