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Thread: Remote programming?

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    Remote programming?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to do some remote programming on either QS or Ra2? Assuming I can coordinate with a person onsite for activation of devices. Doing a PC onsite and logging in via LogMeIn or one of the other services should work... just looking for other options. I assume I can't go that far via Domotz, short of setting up a VPN.Thoughts?Thanks,Andy
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    VPN, or setup a PC on site with Teamviewer. I really only do QS now, but I seem to remember when using VPN you couldnt activate a RA2 Repeater remotely- you had to be on site. Thats when a local PC would be preferred. Not sure if that issue is still present though.

    I do have some sites where I just have 51023 forwarded to the QS processor and using a DDNS address I can get in and make changes, however it can be problematic.

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    I vote PC/Teamviewer. Never had much luck with VPN.
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    VPN won't work because of the latency. I believe HomeWorks QS has 10ms max latency requirement to the PC doing the programming. See you have PC on-site running Lutron Designer, and you use RDP, TeamViewer or other desktop remote viewer that should work.I wish the latency requirement weren't that low. Otherwise VPN to a site would be ideal. Having to maintain a PC on site just to update a button remotely is crazy

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