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Thread: Lutron Fan Control

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    Lutron Fan Control

    I am trying to determine if fan control will work on the fans we have. we bought hunter Dempsey ceiling fans. They come with no pull chains and only a remote. I know this isn’t the ideal situation for the Lutron fan control.

    Can I do either of the following?

    1. Turn the remote on to full speed as you would the pull chain and then use the Lutron fan control.

    2. Install a Lutron on off switch 5a or 6a just to toggle the on or off of the fan.

    My ideal would be #1 but I don’t think it is an option.

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    Unless the control is for a module that can be removed, then #2 is your only option. If there is a module that can be removed, then check if it is a DC motor, then #2 is your only option. To use Lutron fan speed controls for #1, you need a "permanent split capacitor" motor- or easier put- pull chains on the older big motor.
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