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Thread: New network

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    New network

    I was using our cable providers router as both my wireless network and wired router which both my main repeater and connect bridge are plugged into. I have just installed a google nest wifi router and use the wire out port to an apple airport extreme and plugged my main repeater into it and my connect bridge along with a wired PC which works fine - I cannot seem to connect my essentials program on my laptop to the main repeater or the connect bridge is this possible with what I am using My phone will also not connect in the connect appthanks, RJ

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    Was you main repeater set to DHCP disabled? Chances are it's just no longer compatible with the new ip address scheme. Take a look at the Google WiFi settings and see if you can reset the ip address range to what is was on the old ISP router. You can check the essentials file to get the old static address of the main. Second option is to set you computer to a static address that matches the old scheme and wire to the main directly from your laptop. Find the Main repeater and set to DHCP enabled and save. Then hook the main to the new network and it should take an address from the Google WiFi. Then return your computer to DHCP and log into the new Google WiFi and find the main. Set the main repeater to DHCP disabled and you should be done. If you need additional help, feel free to email me at
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