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Thread: PD-6WCL does not work

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    PD-6WCL does not work

    Hi there,

    I am new here. I did little bit search and I can not find the relate topic.

    Does PD-6WCL switch work with Kuzco lighting?

    I have two set of 3 way switches. One set control external pot lights. One set control stairway lights. They are in same electric box and from same power source.

    Initially, I replaced the three way set for external pot lights by PD-6WCL switch (second floor) with pico remote (main floor). The lights and everything are fully functional. The only issue is that when i turn on external light, my stairway light will light up,but it is very minimal(bearly to see) . When I turn off the external lights, both lights are off completely.

    Question 2,
    When I tried to replace the 3 way switch set for the stairway lights (from Kuzco lighting) by PD-6WCL switch, the lights less than half way light up and switch does not functional at all.

    In both situations, both switches on second floor from same power source, both natural wires from both lights are sent back to power natural. The pot lights switches has natural wire through the electric boxes on second and main. The stairway lights do not have natural wire through the electric box on main floor, on second floor the natural wire from light connect to power source natural directly. I did not want to open up the lights electric boxes if I do not need to. Any advice is appreciated.

    Plus I draw the wire map that may easy understand, but I am not sure how to upload.

    Thank you

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    Unfortunately, the Caseta dimmers have never been tested with Kuzco LEDs, so we don't know how the Caseta dimmers will react when connected to those LEDs.We have a list of LEDs that were tested and approved to work with the PD-6WCL dimmers. The list is online at: We would recommend using LEDs from this list.

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