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Thread: Radio RA2 Integration With Hue Lighting

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    Radio RA2 Integration With Hue Lighting

    Has anyone figured out how to include HUE lighting dimming levels and color into Radio RA2 Scenes? I am investigating using the RS232 output to trigger a Raspberry Pi which will then send a Hue command. I am having trouble determining how to read this RS232 output. Anyone have a better solution or help with what the RS232 will output given a scene selection. Thanks.

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    If controlling Hue lights from RadioRA 2 controls is the only thing you need then a Hubitat hub is the easiest and cheapest way to go. It speaks Lutron Telnet and Philips Hue protocols. Setup could take an hour or less. Other more complicated and/or expensive choices to consider would include Homeseer and Home Assistant.

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