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Thread: Sonos integration across VLANs

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    Sonos integration across VLANs

    I have the Lutron Bridge Pro on VLAN 10 and a Sonos Boost on VLAN 1 and an edgerouter x for the router. I also had a pico remote wall mounted in the kitchen programmed to control one of the Sonos speakers. I originally had both Lutron and Sonos systems on the same VLAN, and there was no issue with the pico. I have since moved the Sonos to VLAN 10. Assuming I keep them on separate VLANs, is there any way to allow the pico to control Sonos? Is there a certain port/protocol that Lutron uses to communicate with Sonos? Is this communication local or cloud-based? I'm assuming it's local because my Sonos is not directly accessible from WAN in the way that Lutron, Nest, etc are. It would be great if there is a firewall rule or rules I can create to make this happen. Any ideas?

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    The Lutron Bridge and the Sonos Speakers need to be on the same network in order for them to communicate. Would need to have the same IP strand assigned from the router for them to integrate.

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