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Thread: Replacing 20-year-old Lightolier Multi-set system

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    Lightbulb Replacing 20-year-old Lightolier Multi-set system

    Hi, I'm new to the forum.Does anyone have any experience replacing an older Lightolier Multi-set system with Caseta, RA2, RadioRA 2, or Homeworks QS?I have a relatively simple system of 4+ MSCR 'masters' controlling a dozen or so MSVA dimmers and remotes.Advice appreciated.My goal is lighting control only and connectivity with Apple HomeKit.Thanks,Chris

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    Correction: MS5 masters, MSVA dimmers, and MSCR remotes. The wired 'masters' control 4 preset 'scenes' and all on/off. I could live without the masters and just go with dimmers and remotes (Caseta) or try to duplicate current system with RadioRA 2. Advice appreciated.

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    Lightolier Brilliance

    Did you ever complete that project? Looking at a potential project now and wanted some info.Thank You

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    I, too, have a 20-year-old Lightolier system, and would like some insight on replacing it with Lutron switches. Has anybody made this kind of replacement?

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    Hello! We'd recommend to reach out to your local Lutron Rep so they can assist with you upgrading/transitioning to a Lutron system. You can find your local Lutron Rep by using this link for the "where to buy" tool @ If you have any other questions our tech support is available 24/7 at (1-888-588-7661) and at

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