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Thread: Some devices outdoors need a repeater

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    I ended up doing as I initially said. I have a Auxiliary repeater in a box with a 5 watt heater module and a thermostat. Along with the repeater and power supply. It was 40 the other day and the box was pretty toasty. And the heater wasn't on. So now I think I might have to vent the box in a waterproof, insect proof manner. Thew unit and power brick I guess throw off a certain amount of heat. Installed a wireless repeater just to be sure midway between main and the outside one. Works like a charm.

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    I also had this problem. I live in a private house and want to make a normal Wi-Fi in my yard. The walls are 1.5 bricks, TP-Link TL-WR740N barely breaks through, the Internet is filthy on the street. Which model is better to choose, taking into account the fact that it will hang on the street where my Patio Sectionals Canada is located (although under a canopy)? I can only put the repeater and signal booster on the porch so that the signal distribution is greater, but this does not always help, because sometimes there are failures. Maybe there are cases when it is worth switching to a stronger explorer?

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