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Thread: Dimmer and Pico Remote Together in Same Gang?

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    Dimmer and Pico Remote Together in Same Gang?

    I have a 4 gang switch. 3 of the switches will be getting dimmers. The 4th switch is already on a 3-way circuit where the other end is attached to a dimmer. Therefore this 4th switch needs a Pico remote instead.Is it possible for me to install 3 dimmers and 1 pico remote into the same 4 gang box? If so, how? More specifically, should I remove any side sections from the dimmer that will be next to the remote?

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    Yes, the Pico wallmount can be installed into a junction box. Be sure to *not* remove the plastic piece the instructions mention (that removal is only for wall mounting). Not sure if you have to remove side tabs on the dimmer.

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