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Thread: RRD-6NE with RA2 12.6 no communication

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    RRD-6NE with RA2 12.6 no communication

    We just upgraded a system from OS9 to 12.6 - everything transferred fine except 2 RRD-6NE dimmers ; tried to de-activate one of them and was not able to activate again; dimmers are less than 10 ft away from Main Repeater; any suggestions ? Thank you

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    6NE was the original ELV dimmer. 12.6 does not have the option. I had to activate my 6Ds as 6CLs. Try to change the deactivated one in the Design tab to The 6NA, and then Try the new RRD-PRO. Might get lucky. Otherwise, Tech support will be your next stop if it won't activate- or your local wholesaler.
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