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Thread: Smart Bridge Setup ??

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    Smart Bridge Setup ??

    Why can't things be as easy as they show ? I got a Smart Bridge and Caseta switch kit. Switch went in just fine and works as it should. Plugged in the bridge and opened the app. The app takes me to the "Lutron Device Login Page". Okay ?? Now what ?? I set up an account on the Lutron home page but that's obviously not the "Device Login" we're looking for. So where do I go from here ?? How do I go about setting up the "Device" account they're looking for ? Thanks for the help.

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    • Go to the main sign in page of the Caseta/RA2 Select App.• Select the "Get Started" option from the main entry screen of the app.• Then enter the email address you want to associate with the bridge and create apassword as well.• After an account with an email and password is created, you will be prompted to pressthe "black button" on the back of the bridge. This will then link the bridge to the newemail address and password you just created.

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