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Thread: DLS02-06A27D1E-WH-F2, Utilitech LED Recessed Retro fit. flickering problem

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    DLS02-06A27D1E-WH-F2, Utilitech LED Recessed Retro fit. flickering problem

    REF: DLS02-06A27D1E-WH-F2 flickering problem

    Hello, I have put in several of the above LED lights and I'm have a problem with flickering of one light in each room within the string. From the research I've done thus far, I've learned that there happens to be issues with LED lighting when using dimmers. Below I will supply the dimmers being used so that you know the configuration I'm using. It happens to be a dimmer that is approved within the compatibility chart.

    Lutron Diva 1.25-Amp 150-Watt White 3-Way CFL/LED Preset Dimmer Model #: DVWCL-153PH-WH

    Please supply a solution to correct the flickering issue...
    Looking forward to your response,

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    Katie H.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs and the performance will vary with different dimming controls. At this time, we have not tested the DLS02-06A27D1E-WH-F2, so we would not be able to guarantee a dimming solution for it. If you are locked into these bulbs, we would suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if there is a dimming solution that they can recommend.

    You mentioned this dimmer was on the approved compatibility chart, was this chart from the LED manufacturer? If they recommended this dimmer it would be important to reach out to them for troubleshooting. One thing to keep in mind is the dimmer is sending the same signal to all the LED's. Only one bulb flashing may indicate an issue with this particular LED. Have you tried swapped the LED location and seeing if the issue follows the LED itself?

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