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Thread: Compatibility chart for RRD-6CL?

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    Compatibility chart for RRD-6CL?

    is there any compatibility chart of RRD-6CL with LED light bulbs?

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    Check here:

    Use the RadioRA2 CL under the Lutron Control pull down menu. Pick the type if fixture and away you go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SanDiegoRep View Post

    Is the selection tool listed above still valid? The reason I ask is I used it to search for compatible LED's bulbs and found very few options. I have a combination of RRD-6NA's, RRD-6CL's and RRD-10ND's and need a combination of PAR20's, PAR30's and MR16's. When I use the tool to search for MR16's that work with 6CL's, I get zero. PAR20's that work with 6CL's only show a handful "tested in the last 2 years".

    Then I found this PDF:
    It shows significantly more options for 6NA's, 6CL's and 10ND's than the selection tool listed above. So should I use the selection tool or the PDF?

    Or more specifically, I would love to hear from someone else that has actually used these bulbs with these dimmers. Does anyone have a recommendation for affordable PAR20, PAR30 and/or MR16 bulbs (I'll need 110+ bulbs) that work with 6CL, 6NA and/or MR16's?


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    Yes, the LED product selection is the best tool to use for finding LEDs for your RA 2 controls. I would highly recommend using that as opposed to the PDF.

    MR16 LEDs are low voltage LEDs, so they will not work with the 6CL, as it is a line voltage only dimmer. MR16 LEDs are very difficult to dim due to the fact that the dimmer, transformer, and the transformer all need to be compatible with each other. When it comes to MR16 LEDs, Lutron recommends the following application note.

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