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Thread: Feature Request-bug report

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    Feature Request-bug report

    Have nothing better to do so though I would put out another feature request post while I bang my head against the wall.
    2020 has been crazy so who knows maybe it will be heard.

    Would like to see the BI blank insert as part of the BOM. Drives me crazy ever time I forget these on my quote.

    Just had a bug where I added a 15ampTR outlet ganged with a Pro in white. Tried to change to Taupe or any satin color but only gave me options for standard colors.
    But know it's changed so I can only add at satin 15amp outlet but not a white. Would post a screen cap but not sure if that's a working option anymore on this forum.
    Seems to be OK in everything else. Problem is with 15amp non tamper and tamper outlet. Only shows SCR 15amp.

    Oh and "shared pathway". Just feels good to say it. Head bang shall commence soon.

    Thank You

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    This is in 12.8.
    Broke my own rule of not using the latest software until some else works out the bugs.

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    Hello Mitch,Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion! We'll pass these on to the product management team. Many changes made to any of our systems are based off the feedback we receive from customers and we will continue to work to improve these systems and their features as we move forward. We will also pass on the bug report about ganging with the PRO dimmer and the TR receptacle. Thank you!

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