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Thread: DMX RGBW 5 Channel

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    DMX RGBW 5 Channel

    Hello Everyone, I have a project that has a bunch of DMX RGBW that I'm trying to manipulate into a circadian rhythm application. Does anyone know how am I able to get a 5 channel (RGBW and intensity) lighting load in HWQS? Thanks, Matt

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    Thank you for your Post Matt.

    In HomeWorks QS we are only able to use three channel and single channel. We do have an app note found here at .
    For Five channel we may need to reach out to the manufactuer for assistance in making it a three channel and two single channels or five single channels. Hope this helps!

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    Solutions for programming 4-channel or 5-channel DMX-controlled light strips.

    This following HomeWorks hack has worked well for me: Drop the notion of using the "3-Channel DMX" designation - that is a less-useful feature if you want dimming and dynamic color changing from the keypads. Think of each light on your light strip as a separate 1-channel DMX load. For example, an RGBW light strip will have four 1-channel DMX loads assigned: "Red" "Blue" "Green" "White". For RGBCCT, assign five loads. Based on your LED driver, you'll need to map the corresponding DMX channel to the correct color in the order it appears on the driver. Lets say its in the order "GBRW". In this Case, "G" is the first address, "B" is Address+1, "R" is address+2, etc, etc. Programming Alternative 1: Assign a keypad button to power all 4 loads at some default "level", which will produce a color. Based on the default intensity, you'll get pretty much whatever color you want. Programming it this way affords the end user complete control to change and customize the desired color and intensity using the app. Programming Alternative 2: you can take a 6-button keypad and assign one color to each button. Press "Blue", and adjust intensity using raise and lower. Next press "red", and so on. I have not yet thought of a way to dynamically save the new state, so it unfortunately comes back to the same color/intensities after an off/on cycle, except by using the app. So that's a bit of a bummer. Programming Alternative 3: you can program a single button to step through a sequence of pre-programmed intensities, essentially duplicating the function of the "3-channel DMX" load. Programming Alternative 4: You can program a 6-button keypad to have 5 user-programmable "Presets", and "Off". Depending on your willingness to do programming, you have a multitude things you can do, for single-click, double-click, press-and-hold, and so forth. Hopefully you can find a solution in one of these examples that works for you.

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    Just to add, It's really too bad that Lutron has never given a whole lot of attention to the reality that light can shine in colors other than varying intensities of white. I also still haven't found a good multi-color controller that fits in a 1-gang box - even Hue's wall controllers are huge and ugly. Conversely, I do like the Hue app, but it would be nice to not require the user to pull out their phone in order to adjust the lights.

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