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Thread: Can't find repeater

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    Can't find repeater

    Customer was out of town for a few months and had guests staying over for some of that period. Says when he came home system was all jacked up. Buttons didn't do what was original.
    I was able to re program with old school way using 1-5 2-4 button hold but could never could find repeater. System is small 4 keypads, 3 Grap Eyes and 3 8ANS. Led feed back is all in sync realizing that "in sync" with Classic is a little miss leading.
    So question, Repeater has to be in site somewhere correct? I know with Classic you could do programming and take repeater of site and it would still workish. But don't think I could do that much programming without it. Ideas on how it could have been all jacked? I do know save on button hold was working as I tested it that way but that's a lot of holding to screw it all up. Only 3-4 buttons in the whole system worked the original way.
    I got his system running good enough for him and I suspect better than before. From the beginning never had engraving or temp stickers.
    All this is just curious questions as I'm giving him a bid for RA2 upgrade anyway.

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    In Classic RadioRA, the repeater gives out addresses and repeats RF signals. It doesn't store any programming. Once the system is addressed you only need the repeater if the devices are too far apart or you want to add devices.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    AHHHH. So more than likely it's gonzo.
    He been there from day one and doesn't remember a little white box with antenna or a Chronos.


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