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Thread: Caseta - uneven dimming of multiple lights

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    Caseta - uneven dimming of multiple lights

    Hello - I am using Caseta dimmers in various locations throughout my house. All of the rooms have recessed lights and use the exact same LED fixtures. In one room, the ceiling LED closest to the dimmer pops on before the others and, in the bottom ~60% of the dimming range, is consistently brighter than the others. I tried swapping the bulbs but it doesn't make a difference - whichever bulb is in that position is brighter than the others. In the affected room there are four recessed ceiling lights. In the other rooms, there are six lights, and there is no issue -- all dim equally throughout the whole range.How can I approach this problem? Is there any role for the MLC in this setting?Thanks

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    You could try swapping one of the dimmers from a room with six lights with the dimmer from the room with four lights. See if the issue follows the dimmer or if the issue follows the set of lights. The LUT-MLC wouldn't help in this situation.

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