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Thread: New garage lights not working with Caseta In-Wall Smart Dimmer

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    New garage lights not working with Caseta In-Wall Smart Dimmer

    I have had my Caseta In-Wall dimmer switches installed throughout the house for a number of years now. Never had a single issue. I just replaced my standard E26 garage lights (I had 1 200watt bulb in each of the 2 sockets in the garage) with Mofut LED lights. These are 3 panel adjustable LED lights that just screw into the E26 socket. The new lights do not work. Each light is rated at 60 watts. When I put them in, the Caseta switch itself does not light up and thus the lights don't work. The garage light switch/dimmer is the center switch in a 3 gang plate of Caseta dimmers. The new LED lights themselves work as I tested one in my kitchen light by replacing one of the 3 bulbs in a chandelier with the Mofut LED panel light. Those kitchen lights are on a 2 gang Caseta plate. Not sure what the issue would be here as I was previously using the 2 200 watt bulbs in the garage, but the new 60 watt lights do not seem to work on the 3 gang switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have never heard of these lights before. Based on the spec sheet you attached, I can guess they were inexpensive and very poorly made (based on poorly translated English etc). I doubt they are dimmable to begin with. However, if the manufacturer has a dimmer compatibility list that might help. If you want to keep these lights you can install the Caseta switch instead of the dimmer. The reason it worked in another fixture was likely because other types of lamp were installed in the circuit, satisfying the dimmer’s minimum load requirement. Hope this helps!
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    I actually saw a commercial for these, or something similar. 100 lumens/watt is pretty impressive.

    What device are you using to control them? I suspect they are NOT DIMMABLE. I would try them on a switch. Preferably one with a neutral (PD-5ANS or PD-6ANS).

    ps: love the translation on that label!
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