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Thread: Main Repeater

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    Main Repeater

    I just finished installing a new Radio RA2 system. My question is, can the main repeater be hooked up to DSL? The program cannot find the repeater for me to finish my programming. I took the main repeater home with me and connected it to my network. It found the repeater right away.

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    What is your network topology when wanting to reach the main repeater from the outside? Is there a firewall or router into which the DSL line connects? Do you have a Static IP address assigned to your DSL modem? Without that you will need a
    MAIN-REP --> Router --> DSL --> Internet
    This is my setup:
    My Home Network --> Switch --> Cisco RV345 (Static IP for Comcast Business Internet) --> Comcast Business Cable Modem --> Internet
    With my set up and to access the MAIN-REP, I would put in a port forward in my RV345 such that hitting STATIC_IP:PORT would forward the traffic to the IP Address and Port of my MAIN-REP

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    no router connected. I connected my patch cord straight from the dsl modem to the main repeater. When in the program, I hit "find repeater". I get a message to make sure it is connected. All Mr firewalls have been disabled. At my office,I connected it to my router. The program found the router right away.

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    You are able to see the MAIN-REP at your office because your computer and the MAIN-REP are on the same network. You will not be able to access the MAIN-REP from outside your house unless you have a CONNECT Bridge, or unless you have a means of configuring a port forward on your DSL modem. Even then you will need to know the IP Address of your DSL modem or get a Static IP address.
    For less than tech savvy people, I'd recommend spending the money on the Connect Bridge as it removes the need for a Static IP and other hardware or settings.

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    Radio RA2 doesn't care how you connect to the Internet. Cable, DSL, fiber, dial up (if you can find it) are all fine. It will program and work fine with no Internet access at all. You only need Internet if you want to use the app, remote access, or use voice controls like Alexa.

    Lutron uses an antique protocol called multicast. Most commercial routers have multicast disabled by default. Most residential routers don't care. You can try enabling multicast on your work network which, depending on the complexity of the network could be a challenge. Or...

    You can try bypassing multicast in the software. Click on "Find main repeater." Click on "Show Advanced." Under System Communication, change to Use repeater address.

    Good luck!
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I think the other poster was trying to access the home MAIN-REP from outside the home.

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    Set static IP for main repeater

    Is there any way to assign a static IP to my main repeater?

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    Yes. In the Essentials program, select the Main Repeater and its pop-up dialog box allows you to choose DHCP or static IP.

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