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Thread: RA2 Software

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    RA2 Software

    I just completed my course and downloaded the program . Now I am in the process of inputting my devices. When it comes to the dimmers, I can not find the RA2 dimmer that I am using. My distributor sold me the RRD-PRO dimmer. I was told that I have an older version of the program. Where do I go to download the latest version of the RA2 program?Thanks in advanceMark

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    You will need to log into the MyLutron Resources site on our website. Once you are logged in, go down to Technical Information in the lower-left, and click on Design Software. You will find Version 12.4 of the software in there.

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    I did that. I downloaded the 12.0 version. It does not give me the option for 12.4. When it goes to install, it cannot find the file and won't let me continue.

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    Try going to the legacy downloads in the technical section, grab the link for 11.6 or something and paste into your browser. You'll see the version number in the URL. Change version number to 12.4 and give a try. Had the same issue when trying to get 12.2.1 before receiving my new connect bridge.
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