I am replacing an old bathroom exhaust fan with a new one. the new fan has dimmable LED bulb and single speed fanthe current switch box is a 2 gang, one for the old fan/light combo (one switch controlled both, switch on both on) and one for another led light. I'll have to check if it's dimmableanyway I was hoping not to have to cut in a 3 gang. Hoping to be able to control the exhaust/light with one switch and the shower light with the other. (or have the two lights taking up one space and fan on/off in the other.looking for suggestions. I found a Lutron on Amz that I like but it's not for LED. Lutron MA-L3S25HW-WH Maestro 2.5-Amp 300-watt Single Pole Dual Dimmer and SwitchThanks