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Thread: One button multiple scenes.

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    One button multiple scenes.

    Has anyone done this and find the customer enjoys it?

    Basically I take a room, i.e. Living Rm., and program it as conditional, that each button press cycles to another lighting percentage. 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Off, then did double tap as off as well. Set the LED logic to room and based it of the rooms shared scene of on.

    Is this too much work for the customer or do people enjoy this rather than a regular on/off toggle.

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    I normally don't do this but I would use a manual sequence with a hold as off rather then double tap Double taps get annoying. I would use a sequence so in the future changes are easier to manage Just my 2cents

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    I have done it by client request but as mcignarella said a manual sequence would make this much easier for you instead of conditional.

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    I'd use an automatic sequence since that gives you the option of "tracking" the state in case you need to control the loads from another keypad; just have each press start/next sequence and the press/hold runs the termination step.

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