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Thread: Issues with TGFSQ-FH-WH

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    Issues with TGFSQ-FH-WH

    I'm having some issues with a TGFSQ-FH-WH switch which I recently installed. Issues:1. Lights flicker intermittently when fan speed is changed.2. Fan housing twists forward and back when fan speed is changed. Fan is Monte Carlo Model 5CO52BSLights being used are Philips warm glow LEDFan and light are wired for separate wall switches in a 2 gang box. Light is controlled by toggle CL dimmer model: TGCL-153PI do have an identical setup in a different room which does not exhibit these issues. The only difference is the length of the down rod as the room with the switch causing the issue has a 10' ceiling whereas the other room is 8'. I am wondering is this normal for this switch? Why would it perform differently in this room? Possibly a defect? Lastly, in our living room we have again the same fan and light dimmer however I used a Caséta wireless fan control and with that the fan is silent. With the TGFSQ-FH the fan does audibly hum. It's not terribly loud however in my quiet home office I can definitely hear it. This is exhibited in both rooms with this switch however I feel it is a bit louder on the one with the above mentioned issues. If this is in fact within the norm for this switch I may decide to upgrade to the Caséta. I appreciate any feedback, thoughts, or trouble shooting suggestions.

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    Hello lightingnerd,Thank you for your post! It does sound like there could potentially be something wrong with the TGFSQ-FH-WH based on the symptoms you described. The best bet would be to give us a call here at our 24/7 technical support line @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) for us to do some basic troubleshooting. If we determine the device to be defective we can gladly go through the RMA process to have a replacement unit sent out to you. Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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