I'm surprised Lutron is releasing this product when it is clearly not ready.

1. RPM support. The sheer number of RPMs in place makes this a critical feature.
2. I know Lutron does/did bridge updates remotely. I still don't want Lutron pushing updates. I'm the one that is going to get the call from the angry customer on Saturday at 4:00 because their lighting system just crashed. Customers don't necessarily need or want every update. I have an elderly client who has been running HWI 1.32 for 11 years. She's happy so I'm happy. I have RA2 clients that I am holding at 12.0 because they like HC+ better than Connect. Not to mention you are taking money out of the dealers hands.
3. TelNet support is critical. Without it integration programs have to be updated. For systems like Crestron or Savant that could cost more than a processor replacement.

Ketra should have it's own processor that can be stand alone or a 2nd processor in a HomeWorks system. Then we wouldn't have any of these issues.