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Thread: Is QSX replacing QS processors or will they serve different purposes?

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    Josh, are you confirming that there will NEVER be RPM or Illuminations keypad support with QSX?

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    SparkyCoog, thank you for your post.

    We are not confirming that QSX will or will not support RPM or Illumination keypads. If you would like to use DIN rail in a Litetouch upgrade you would have to swap out panels completely for that to be done. At this time we do not have a UL listed app note for the upgrade of Litetouch systems to Din Rail offering.

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    Thank you for your response Josh. I really hope that this is just a temporary exclusion and you guys are working on bringing in RPM functionality to QSX in the upcoming updates. The way the presenter sounded last week however didn't leave me optimistic. I agree 100% that the DIN modules are better, easier to install, etc. but it's just not practical to tell people who currently have illuminations systems with 7 full panels that if their system dies, they have to use the old QS processor that's no longer supported in version 16 of the software and with Telnet being phased out, they can't use the new non-Telnet API. The LiteTouch upgrade...I can take or leave that one. It would definitely save money on not having to get an MI for each panel but that savings is gone with the cost of replacing the whole panel. I think it evens out at the end though the panel sizes are different. The RPM and legacy keypad support however I think is essential if customers are to have confidence in Lutron's future proofing.

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    Excellent thread!

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