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Thread: New MACL-LFQW Fan/Light Switches cycle on/off

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    New MACL-LFQW Fan/Light Switches cycle on/off

    I replaced three existing fan/light controllers with MACL-LFQW. One of them works just fine. Two of them are in bedrooms with identical small fans that have compatible Cree dimmable LED bulbs. I know they are wired right because they will turn on the fan and light. However, if I turn on the fans, after the fan comes up to speed, the switch cycles between on and off for both the fan and the light. Can two switches on the same circuit breaker interfere with each other? When I installed the first one, it seemed to be fine. Then after I installed the second this ghost in the machine stuff started happening.

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    Hello ChrisRosendin,Thanks for your post! It sounds like what you might be dealing with is LED incompatibility in the form of line noise being generated from the CREE LED lamps you are utilizing in your Fan/Light combo. The best troubleshooting step we can offer here to help understand if the issue lies with the dimming control or the fixture/lamp would be to swap out just one of the CREE LED lamps with an incandescent or halogen lamp, if this stabilizes the circuit and the issue goes away -> this is most likely a case of LED incompatibility. If the issue remains, there could be something going on either with the control or within the Fan/Light fixture causing the issue, but if this is the case the next best step would be to contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) for us to assist in any remaining troubleshooting to assist in understanding the root cause of the issue. We hope this information helps! -JustinF.

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