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Thread: Connecting Keypad to a "TECKIN" Smart Plug

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    Connecting Keypad to a "TECKIN" Smart Plug

    I have some outdoor string lights that are currently connected to this TECKIN-brand smart plug. I'd like to be able to control these lights with my RadioRA2 system. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to integrate them? I have never worked with a Lutron integration before. Alternatively, is there a Lutron smart plug that will work with outdoor string lights? Thanks!

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    No way to integrate. The voice assistants cannot pick up a RA2 command and then affect other devices. Best bet in RA2- add a switch inside the home to control that outlet. This will allow you to control with RA2 once programmed. That device does not show any integrations beyond the voice assistants, so no way to integrate via third party. Do not just replace with the RR-15APS module, it is not waterproof nor outdoor rated.
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