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Thread: Basic Network Adjustment - RA2 Repeater

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    Basic Network Adjustment - RA2 Repeater

    Hi everyone. I had my system professionally installed a few years back. RA2 Repeater + Lutron Shades. My network has now changed components and I'm sure I need to update the IP address on the main RA2 repeater. (The light blinks green & red, indicating it's working but no network connection). Any iOS app I use cannot find the system to auto-configure. Can I make the IP adjustment without access to the RA2 pro software? I'm not an installer. Is there a way I can do it on my own?Any advice is welcomed!Thanks,Adam

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    You'll need a programmer to make the change for the main repeater. I would suggest having them set a MAC reservation on the router for the main repeater, and setting the main to DHCP. This way, if the network changes, you'll still be able to find the main repeater (sometimes by adding a new house in the app). If you want to take the time, you can learn the software yourself on Lutron's LCI. You could then make the change yourself.
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