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Thread: Installed PD-6WCL, used Lutron recommended LED bulbs, still got buzzing lights

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    Installed PD-6WCL, used Lutron recommended LED bulbs, still got buzzing lights

    I'll start this message with as much information as I think may be useful, and ask my questions at the end.[p]I've just installed a Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL smart dimmer, because I want a smart switch that will work without a neutral wire.[p]The switch itself controls one overhead light, with two bulbs.[p]I used the Lutron Compatibility Tool to select Philips 40W equivalent LED bulbs, Model # 479550, and went to Home Depot to find them. [p]I was unable to find _exact_ matches, however, as it seems that Home Depot or Philips changed the model number while keeping the part number the same. (there's a forum post that talks about how the manufacturers sometimes do this: )[p]The bulbs I found had the same SKU (1003000106) and internal Home Depot ID (479550) as were listed for Model # 479550, but the bulb box itself had a different Model # 9290018371A. [p]While at the store, I used the Lutron Compatibility Tool (via my phone) to try and find any other bulbs on the shelf that had model numbers listed in the compatibility tool for the Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL, and I found none that matched. (The compatibility tool currently shows only a handful of Philips and EcoSmart bulbs for the PD-6WCL.)[p]I decided to try the Philips 40W equivalent LED bulbs that were the closest match, and a set of Philips 60W equivalent bulbs of the same product line, just in case.[p]I got a buzz in the light fixture from both types of bulbs, audible from across the room.[p]Other posts in these forums have suggested to check the wiring, but don't specify what to check for. [p]The Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL has only three wires: a ground wire, which goes connects to ground, and two other wires that the instructions say can be connected interchangeably with the black & white wires coming from the light fixture.[p]As mentioned before, I bought this particular smart dimmer because I needed something without a neutral wire.
    • If I should check the wiring, what should I check for? Is there something that I should check in the wiring for the light fixture?Should I just buy one of each kind of bulb on the shelf at Home Depot and keep trying them until I find some that work without buzzing?[b]Should I just return the lutron dimmer and

    [p]Thank you in advance for any guidance you can give.[p]Have the very best of days,

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    I'm not sure why I can't put carriage returns in the post above. When I noticed it posted without carriage returns the first time, I tried putting [p] and [br] tags in with a couple of editing attempts, but neither worked. Then my five minute editing window closed and now it's stuck.Help?

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    If you want to manually add a carriage return use "br" surrounded by brackets.

    As for checking the wiring, there should be no white wires attached to the switch. In newer homes the neutrals are kept separate after they leave the breaker panel. If they are not, with modern electronics, LEDs, etc. you can get noise/feedback.

    Lutron only tests bulbs that are submitted to them. So there are a lot of good bulbs out there that will work fine. There are also a lot of good bulbs out there that are not compatible with Lutron dimmers.

    You can try adjusting the low-end trim. See for details.

    Generally speaking, I've had good results from EcoSmart (Home Depot store brand) and Cree.
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