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Thread: Edison style LED with H6BRL?

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    Edison style LED with H6BRL?

    Anyone know of any Edison style LEDs (the glowing filament effect) that'll work with an H6BRL?

    I've gotten a request for them in a fixture that'll support two regular screw-in base bulbs.

    If not suggestions of what works, how about any that are known to be worth avoiding?

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    Well yes, there are many available on the internet. You can even try searching on Amazon and AliExpress to get it delivered right at your home. Though if you are concerned about the quality, then visit a hardware or lighting store in your city and ask them if they can get it for you. They might have some connections.Regards
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    Originally Posted by aldah You may find reviews and features mentioned in the custom writing docs on LED scoop: dimming Edison style LED Bulbs with Lutron Caseta.
    Some types of LEDs are rather challenging to dim without issues. I tried to connect E12 base fixture to a Caseta PD-6WCL-WH (I posted my question earlier on the forum, but couldn't recover my account since):

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    Generally, I have had good results with Cree and EcoSmart (HomeDepot store brand). My 3rd choice would be Philips. I have used Kodak candle bulbs. They do require trim adjustment but I like them because they don't have the exposed white base.
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