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Thread: Keypad not working

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    Keypad not working

    Hello, I have a RRD-W5BRLIR that went into factory mode yesterday (all LEDs flashing when any button is pressed.) I re-activated the keypad in the project, checked the programming and transferred the program to the repeater. The keypad activated fine, so I'm assuming the radio isn't bad. The LEDs on the keypad work, and light up and turn off when the buttons are pressed, but the loads don't react to commands from the keypad. The loads do work directly from their dimmers and from the Home+ app. The keypad LEDs react to the Home+ app commands, turning on and off as expected. The Home+ app registers the keypad commands when the keypad buttons are pressed, but the loads don't actually respond. Is this a bad keypad - suggestions? Thanks!

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    Never mind, after troubleshooting with TS, just went ahead and reset again, removed it completely from the project, added it back, reprogrammed, activated, transferred and now it's working again. Thanks

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    Next time this happens, there's a trick. Before deleting the KP that won't behave, go add a new KP in design right next to it. Call it "New X" where X is the original. Don't want to accidentally delete the wrong one. In the programming tab, right click on the PLATE of Keypad X- you can copy the entire KP. Then go to "New X" and right click the plate again to paste. Now delete X in the design tab, rename New X to X and activate/transfer.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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