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Thread: Multiple home Caseta with Alexa

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    Multiple home Caseta with Alexa

    I have moved my two homes to the same account in the Lutron Caseta App. Everything works and I can switch between the two homes. I now only have one account for Alexa; however, Alexa will only populate devices for the first home. Is there a new skill for Alexa that must be enabled that will work for multiple homes in an account?

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    Each Alexa account can only link to one bridge. You would need to have a second Alexa account for the second bridge.

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    If you are happy with voice control, Brian W. is right, you'll need a second Alexa account. Use another person in your family for the second home, or you could make one home Google Assistant (would take a bit of getting used to, however).
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    I had been using multiple accounts for the two homes and cloning both the android Lutron Caseta and Amazon Alexa apps so that I didn't need to logoff and logon to switch homes. There were two problems with this: 1. when an app was updated, I had to re-clone it on all the android devices, and 2. there is no clone app for iPhone/iPad. With the new multiple homes feature of the Lutron Caseta app, it seemed that this would solve my two problems. Lutron connect has had the multiple homes feature a lot longer, does its Alexa skill handle multiple homes, or does it have the same problem?

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