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Thread: Home Wiring, 3 and 4 way switch options

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    Lots of good advice on this thread

    Having been down a road of wiring a new build with a proprietary strategy that was tailored to what the system we were installing did, without regard to what traditional homes used and having very limited and expensive choices when that company was bought out and the system obsoleted, our current build is 100% wired like Lutron/Crestron/et al didn’t exist.

    The bonus to this strategy is my Caseta system will end up costing me 10% of what my Litetouch system did and will deliver 100% of the functionality I really cared about and most importantly, I have a very low cost way to get back to baseline if things change. I don’t mind there are wires behind that dummy plate the Pico sits in, cheap insurance. :)

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