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Thread: MLV LED dimmer

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    MLV LED dimmer

    Hi everyone,

    I have a project where I am dimming LEDs on an MLV transformer. I have already verified that they will dim correctly. I am wondering if there are any dimmers that will control MLV LED's besides MA-PRO? I'd like to present an analog control option to the client if possible. The only other options I can think of are RA2 dimmers and that's not exactly simpler or cheaper than Maestro.

    Thanks in advance

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    LED doesn't matter, your controlling MLV. Any dimmer rated for MLV will be fine. Lutron Diva will work. We have used them on Contrast and Juno low voltage pots with dimmable LED MR16's, no issues.

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    There is a MALV-600 and a 1000w version. MSRP is $105 compared to the MA-PRO at $79. The DVLV MSRP is $70. For $9 retail, I'd go with the one designed in this century.
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