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Thread: Unreliable response to scheduled events

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    Unreliable response to scheduled events

    We have a 2 main repeater system installed in 2011, with a few bits of trouble that I am trying to resolve. I have subsequently added a Connect Bridge 2. The system includes 20 RRD-6D and 9 RRD-6NA. One of the 6Ds controls a porch light fixture that is schedule to go on at sunset and off later. I have other scheduled lighting events that occur reliably, but this sequence does not. Some days it works fine, other days it doesn't go on, or it goes on as scheduled but doesn't turn off. When this happens I can usually turn on/off the light manually from the Android app. The 6D is in a closet with several other RA2 dimmers and switches, all of which seem to be working fine. In the past year, I replaced the incandescent bulbs in the fixture with a pair of FEIT, 5.5W, "filament" LED E12s. Could this be the cause of the flaky behavior? I know that the 6Ds are discontinued and that Lutron recommends not using them to control LEDs, but I have used LED bulbs on a couple of other circuits controlled by 6Ds, without apparent problems. Any advice would be appreciated. I would like to continue converting to LED lighting, but really don't want to be swapping out 20 expensive dimmers .... Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Since we never tested, nor rated the 6D with LEDs, this could potentially be the issue. I'd recommend using either the RR-6CL, the RRD-6NA, or the newer RRD-PRO.

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